Benedictine Abbey Of Maria Laach

The Benedictine Abbey of Maria Laach, Germany, was founded in 1093. The Abbey was originally known as Abtei Laach (Abbatia Lacensis or “Lake Abbey”) until 1862, when the name “Maria” was added. The Abbey has a long and glorious tradition of being at the forefront of liturgical renewal. In the 1950s, the Abbey established the publishing house ars liturgical.

The artisans and monks of the Abbey conceive and create sacred symbols of the Christian faith cast in bronze in Abbey’s foundry, as well as exquisite greeting cards — all truly distinctive sacred art and gifts for home, office, school, and church. For almost a century, the artisans of the Abbey of Maria Laach have continued to work together with a dedicated team of resident Benedictine monks to offer you the finest in handcrafted spiritual art and distinctive sacred gifts.

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Benedictine Abbey Of Maria Laach

Bronze Casting Process

Learn more about the process of making handcrafted bronze pieces from pressing the molds to removing excess bronze. The bronze casting techniques have been passed down through the generations so you can have a keepsake that will always be with you. 

Bronze Making Video
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