Butzon & Bercker Studio

Butzon & Bercker in Kevelaer, Germany, is a family business now being personally managed by the fifth generation. Franz-Hermann Bercker began in November 1870 with an artisanal bookbindery that has now developed after more than 140 years into a company offering books, art, cards, and bronze gifts — all symbols firmly rooted in the Christian tradition. 

Christian art and religious handicrafts have a long tradition at the nearby pilgrimage site of the Gnadenkapelle (Chapel of Grace) of Kevelaer. The Butzon & Bercker art workshops program now ranges from bronze crosses to Christmas nativities and comprises a total of more than 4,500 religious articles.

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Butzon & Bercker Studio

Bronze Casting Process

Learn more about the process of making handcrafted bronze pieces from pressing the molds to removing excess bronze. The bronze casting techniques have been passed down through the generations so you can have a keepsake that will always be with you. 

Bronze Making Video
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