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Angel of Freedom Statuette

Solid Bronze with Dark Patina
6.7 inches
Made in Germany

Item Number: 116045


Product Description

The Angel of Freedom Statuette is an inspirational piece made of solid bronze that bespeaks elegance and quality.  She stands approximately 6.5 inches tall, and  features a body made of resplendent bronze. The brilliant bronze body is framed and contrasted by uniquely textured black patina wings. Whether you keep her for yourself or give her as a Christian angel gift, this angel statuette will grace your life with her presence, reminding you of the comforting gaze of angels. This is an heirloom-quality gift. The craftsmanship is so remarkable, and the piece is so unique, that you can be assured that if you give it as a gift, it will last for a lifetime – and more.  Give this angel statuette as a gift for any occasion requiring guidance, protection, peace, comfort, love and strength.

An Angel Statuette for Your Desk, Living Room, or Mantle

The Angel of Freedom Statuette is unique among our collection because of its moderate size. Whereas other angels we offer are more suited to pocket prayer pieces or as mementos on a desk, the Angel of Freedom Statuette is large enough that she can serve as a striking accent piece in your living room or den, finding a home on a fireplace mantle or other shelf. She can also complement any desk in a study or office as well.

Shipping Information

Weight 1.62
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 2 in
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