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Dove of Peace Figurine

Handcrafted Dolomite Stone and Resin Figurine
4.25 inches
Unique Peace Symbol
Made in France

Item Number: beth1910

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Product Description

The Dove of Peace Figurine is a simple yet lovely piece from a monastic community of nuns in France. This simple design evokes some powerful images: the Spirit of God at creation, Noah’s ark and the flood of destruction, and the descent of the Spirit “as a dove” at Jesus’ baptism. The dove has become the primary visual symbol of the Holy Spirit. This biblical richness makes the Dove of Peace Figurine such a great gift for young people being confirmed. This is a gift of heirloom quality that will be cherished and preserved for many generations to come.

The Dove of Peace Figurine – A Pure Labor of Love, Hope, and Faith

The Dove of Peace Figurine stands 4.25 inches tall and is composed of dolomite stone and resin. A religious community of cloistered sisters designs, molds, and hand-finishes every figurine in their monastery atelier in France. Each religious sister prayerfully completes a particular task required for the final rendering of each figurine. Where, how, and by whom the Dove of Peace Figurine is made means that each and every figurine is indeed ”culturally authentic” and a pure labor of love, hope, and faith!

The Dove of Peace – A Powerful Biblical Image

The Dove of Peace Figurine evokes powerful biblical images that span the entire Bible. At the beginning of creation in Genesis 1:2, God’s Spirit hovered over the waters, dark and deep. In Genesis 8:11, the dove returns to Noah’s ark with an olive leaf in its beak – an encouraging sign that the waters of destruction have receded. The same Spirit that hovered over the waters in Genesis comes down “as a dove” upon Jesus as he comes up out of the waters of the Jordan river (Matthew 3:16). Just as the dove of Noah’s ark augurs new life in God’s creation, so too does the Spirit’s descent “as a dove” onto Jesus augur a new creation, new and eternal life, for all of humanity in Jesus the Anointed One.

Shipping Information

Weight 1.25
Dimensions 6 x 5 x 5 in
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