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God Bless Our Home Oval Plaque

Solid Bronze Oval Wall Plaque
6 x 2.5 inch
Limited Available
Inspirational Gift
Made in Germany

Item Number: 1480542

Product Description

The God Bless Our Home Oval Plaque is a perennial favorite from our collection. This solid bronze plaque measures 6 inches horizontally and about 2 inches vertically, and has an eyelet that allows it to be mounted easily on any wall. Featuring an elegant cursive text and solidly made for durability at about eight ounces, this plaque makes for an ideal housewarming gift.

A Blessed Home is Where the Heart Is

The home is where we are raised into this life; it is where we learn who we are and what the world is – in short, the idea of “home” is one of the central organizing ideas in our hearts. It is important, then, for us to ask for God’s blessing and cultivate his love within our homes. The God Bless Our Home Plaque makes an excellent addition to your own home, and also serves as an ideal housewarming gift for friends and neighbors.

A Housewarming Prayer

A home inspires, welcomes, and deepens faith—your own, your family’s, and your guests’.

Home Blessing:
Be our shelter, Lord, when we are at home,
our companion when we are away,
and our welcome guest when we return.
And at last receive us into the dwelling place you have prepared for us
in your Father

Shipping Information

Weight 0.69
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 2 in
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