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Good Samaritan Wall Plaque

Solid Bronze Plaque
Small (2.8 x 2.25 inches), Medium (3 x 2.25 inches) or Large (7.9 x 6.4 inches)
Hangs Easily on the Wall
Made in Germany

Item Number: p_P_GdSmW



Product Description

This is our stunning and widely inspiring Good Samaritan Wall Plaque. The challenging story of the Good Samaritan is beautifully captured in this solid bronze Good Samaritan Wall Plaque.  In three sizes (p186k:  small – 2 x 1.8 inches; p41m:  medium – 3 x 2.25 inches; and p414g:  large – 7.75 x 6.4 inches), this solid bronze plaque will hang easily on the wall.  This plaque is the ideal gift for the “Good Samaritans” who have crosses our paths.  This plaque is popular in many Catholic hospitals nationwide as an ideal service award to honor those who  model the Good Samaritan in their lives and in their professional work.

A Sign of Contradiction

We tend to overlook the fact that “Samaritan” was almost a term of derision in the time of Jesus.  Substitute your own favorite epithet for those whom you do not like (“liberal,” “conservative,” “socialist,” “atheist,” etc.) and hear this gospel reading of the “Good Samaritan” anew.  You might be startled at how challenging this parable actually is!   This story, then, challenges our assumptions about those in need of care, those who give care, and ultimately even about ourselves!  This solid bronze plaque – fashioned by a master bronzesmith in Germany – is a fitting gift indeed to recognize those worthy of honor.  But this is also a gift most suited to challenge the givers of the gift, to emulate those who are being honored.

Shipping Information

Weight 2.6
Dimensions 7.9 x 6.4 x 1 in
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