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Ichthys 3 Inch Holy Water Font

Solid Bronze Holy Water Font
3 inches
Made in Germany

Item Number: m800233


Product Description

Our Ichthys 3 Inch Holy Water Font holds the blessed water of baptism. Catholics call to mind their own baptism when they cross themselves with holy water as they enter and leave their parish church. This solid bronze Ichthys 3 Inch Holy Water Font will make a wonderful gift for a baptism, confirmation and first communion to serve as a reminder of our baptism into the Lord’s death and resurrection.

A Beautiful Holy Water Font of Solid Bronze Forged in Germany

The Ichthys Holy Water Font measures 3 inches high and 3 inches wide. It is designed to hang with ease on any wall in home, study, or chapel. This lovely solid bronze font was conceived and cast in an art studio and foundry in Germany. This will be a special and most meaningful gift for that special someone in your life!

Ichthys (ΙΧΘΥΣ) – Shorthand Symbol for the Christian Faith

The Ichthys (ἰχθύς, capitalized ΙΧΘΥΣ), Greek for “fish,” is an acronym that was used by the early Christians as a shorthand symbol for their faith: “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior”

І — Іησους  – Iesous – Jesus
Χ — Χριστος – Christos – Christ
Θ — Θεου  – Theou – of God
Υ — Υιος  – Huios – Son
Σ — Σωτηρ  – Soter – Savior


Shipping Information

Weight 0.55
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 2 in

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