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Last Supper Wall Cross

Solid Bronze Wall Cross
5.13 x 4.75 inch
Symbol of Faith
Made in Germany

Item Number: 14010


Product Description

The Last Supper Wall Cross is a striking and evocative piece of Christian wall art, equally at home in your dining room, a home chapel, or any room on your parish grounds. The cross is versatile, owing to its moderate size. At about 5 x 5 inches and made of radiant solid bronze, it is large enough to be meditated upon and cultivate reverence, but small enough that it doesn’t overpower the room that it is placed in.

Whether it is a housewarming gift for a loved one or a gift for your own family as a way to meditate on the meaning of the Last Supper in your own home, you can be assured that this cross will endure for more than a lifetime. It is hand-made in Germany using old-world styles that seem to add to the deeply felt spirituality of the piece.

A First Communion Gift or Housewarming Gift

The design on this cross is a beautiful mix of the modern and the traditional styles – by combining these two styles, the cross succeeds in evoking the solemn realities of the Last Supper in a way that, because it is different, resonates with us more. It’s the unique style of the cross that allows us to “see” it more clearly than a cross with a less unique style. It is the very vividness of the cross that makes it perfect as a First Communion gift or as a housewarming gift.

Shipping Information

Weight 0.44
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 1 in
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