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Madonna with Child Figurine

Solid Bronze Figurine
3 inches
Made in Germany

Item Number: m801110


Product Description

The Madonna with Child Figurine is a customer favorite. Mary of Nazareth – the young devoted mother – is a fresh depiction of Mary: less formal and serious than the more traditional depictions of Mary as Our Lady and as the Mother of God (Theotokos). Here Mary is a young woman holding and playing with her child. This is an image of Mary with which even the most “modern” of women can relate. The Madonna with Child Figurine will be a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day (especially for a young mother), but also for a wedding or wedding anniversary, and for a special birthday.

The Madonna with Child Figurine – Culturally Authentic

The Madonna with Child Figurine stands 3 inches tall. This piece is designed in a monastery studio and cast from solid bronze. How, where, and by whom this figurine is made demonstrates to us that it is indeed ”culturally authentic”. Culturally authentic religious gifts

  • Emerge from religious and culturally authentic sources, artists, and monasteries.
  • Are conceived and born out of the unique spiritual journey of artists justly compensated for their labors.
  • Are not mass produced in culturally unrelated countries.

Mary of Nazareth – Young Working Mother

Mary is depicted here as a busy, young working mother. Like Mary in her own time, many women in many areas of the world today have to walk miles every day just to bring water home. Working women in the U.S. balance their professional careers with cooking, laundry and grocery-shopping for home. Many women worldwide care for, nurture, and play with their children – a full-time job in and of itself – certainly most rewarding but too often unfortunately not considered as “real work”. Mary of Nazareth, the young working mother, a Madonna for working mothers in the 1st century and the 21st century!

Shipping Information

Weight 0.37
Dimensions 3.25 x 2.25 x 1 in

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