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Saint Bonaventure Plaque

Solid Bronze Plaque
Large (7.9 x 6.3 inches)
Hangs Easily on the Wall
Made in Germany

Item Number: p483g


Product Description

Our Saint Bonaventure Plaque, OF.M. (1221-1274) depicts a medieval scholastic philosopher and theologian. Bonaventure joined the Order of Friars Minor and studied philosophy and theology in Paris. He was friends with both Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Louis, King of France (top left of plaque). He became Minister General of the Franciscan Order and later Bishop of Albano. As cardinal, he participated in 1274 in the Second Council of Lyons (top right of this plaque), but died before the Council closed under suspicious circumstances (possibly poisoned?). (St. Thomas Aquinas, summoned by the Pope, died as well as he made his way to this same Council.) Saint Bonaventure became a Doctor of the Church and is now commonly known as the “Seraphic Doctor” because of the “seraphic” fervor of divine love which permeates his writings. His feast day is July 15th. This plaque is an ideal gift for St. Bonaventure’s feast day (July 15th), a birthday, confirmation, ordination, and ordination anniversary.

A Large Bronze Wall Plaque

This plaque is available in the large size (p483g – 7.9 x 6.3 inches). This solid bronze plaque can be hung with ease on any wall in study, home, or office. This solid bronze plaque was conceived and cast in Germany by a master bronzesmith of world renown. This is a wonderful gift for devotees of Saint Bonaventure and for that special “Bonaventure” in your life!

“O buona ventura!” – Bonaventure!

He was born Giovanni di Fidanza near Viterbo in Tuscany, Italy in 1221, five years before Saint Francis of Assisi died. As a child Bonaventure became so mortally ill that any hope for a cure seemed out of the question. So his grieving mother sought out Saint Francis of Assisi already recognized as a living saint. She promised God that she would strive to lead her child into the Franciscan Order, if he were cured of his illness. Her prayer was granted when Saint Francis came to his deathbed. Little Giovanni was miraculously cured on the spot. So overcome was Francis with gratitude to God for this miraculous healing that he exclaimed “O buona ventura!” – Italian for “May goodness be your companion wherever you go!” From that moment on the child was known as Buona ventura – Bonaventure. Saint Francis died a few months later, but not without foreseeing the future of little Giovanni, destined to be a “seraph of love” as he himself was. The fruits of Saint Francis’ zeal touched Bonaventure so deeply that he entered the Franciscans in 1240 and eventually held the Franciscan chair at the University of Paris. Bonaventure became himself a noted biographer of Saint Francis of Assisi.


Shipping Information

Weight 2.5
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 2 in
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