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Saint Edith Stein Plaque

Solid Bronze Plaque
Small (p155k – 2 x 1.8 inches) or Medium (p39m – 3 x 2.25 inches) or large (p210g – 7.9 x 6.3 inches)
Hangs Easily on the Wall
Made in Germany

Item Number: p_P_StEStn



Product Description

This is our extraordinary Saint Edith Stein Plaque. St. Edith Stein (1891-1942) – known as St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, OCD – was an academic philosopher (a student of Edmund Husserl as well as an associate of Martin Heidegger), a convert from Judaism, a discalced Carmelite nun and a victim-martyr of the most infamous Nazi concentration and extermination camp, Auschwitz. This bronze plaque is an especially suitable gift for a first communion, confirmation, birthday, or Edith Stein’s feast day on August 9th.

A Bronze Wall Plaque in Three Sizes

Available in three sizes – small (p155k – 2 x 1.8 inches), medium (p39m – 3 x 2.25 inches) or large (p210g – 7.9 x 6.3 inches) – this solid bronze plaque can be hung easily on any wall in home or office. This solid bronze plaque was designed and cast by a German master bronzesmith. This is an especially fitting gift for that special “Edith” in your life!

Edith Stein: Victim of the Shoah —  St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross: Martyr of the Faith

Edith Stein was one of at least 1.1 million prisoners – 90 percent of them Jewish – who perished in Auschwitz. Approximately 1 in 6 Jews killed during the Holocaust (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστος holókaustos: “whole burnt offering”) – also known as the Shoah (Hebrew: השואה, “the catastrophe”) – died in Auschwitz. This plaque depicts St. Teresa Benedicta writing Finite and Eternal Being – her attempt to reconcile the phenomenology of Husserl with Thomism. Before her blazes IHS – the name “Jesus” in Greek (ΙΗΣ are the first three letters of ΙΗΣΟΥΣ = Jesus). Behind her is displayed the Star of David (a symbol of her Jewish heritage), the palm frond of martyrdom, and a Nazi prison guard in Auschwitz.  St. Teresa Benedicta was gassed to death on August 9, 1942.

Shipping Information

Weight 0.28
Dimensions 2.75 x 1.75 x 1 in
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