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Saint Elizabeth of Portugal Plaque

Solid Bronze Plaque
Large (7.9 x 6.4 x 1.25 inches)
Hangs Easily on the Wall
Only One Available
Made in Germany

Item Number: p862g


Product Description

This is our inspiring and beautiful Saint Elizabeth of Portugal Plaque. Elizabeth of Aragon, T.O.S.F., also known as Elizabeth of Portugal (1271-1336) – Elisabet in Catalan, Isabel in Aragonese, Portuguese and Spanish – was the queen consort of Portugal and a tertiary of the Franciscan Order (T.O.S.F.). She was the daughter of King Pedro III of Aragon and Constantia, great-granddaughter of Emperor Frederick II, and great-niece of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, for whom she was named. She is depicted here giving food to the hungry and carrying a satchel full of bread miraculously turned into roses (for more on this, go to History/Story tab). This plaque is a wonderful gift to celebrate her feast day on July 4th. This plaque is also a great gift for a birthday, first communion, confirmation, and as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

A Solid Bronze Wall Plaque

Thanks to the notch on the back, this large solid bronze plaque (p43g – 7.9 x 6.3 inches) will hang easily on any wall in office or home. Conceived and cast in Germany by a bronze-smith of world renown, this plaque is a wonderful gift for that special “Elizabeth” of “Isabel” in your life who has Elizabeth of Portugal as her patron!

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal – Patron Saint of Difficult Marriages

Married at age twelve to King Diniz of Portugal (bottom right of plaque), she became Queen of Portugal before she was even a teenager. Elizabeth suffered through years of her husband’s abuse and adultery, praying all the while for his conversion, and working with the poor and sick. Her husband appears to have reformed late in life, though whether from Elizabeth’s faith or his imminent death is unknown (top right of plaque). Her son, Prince Alfonso, rebelled against the favours that his father King Diniz bestowed on his illegitimate sons, and in 1323 forces of the king and the prince clashed in open civil war. Elizabeth rode onto the battlefield between them, reconciled father and son, and so prevented further bloodshed (top left of this plaque). After the death of the king in 1325, she distributed her property to the poor, became a Franciscan tertiary, and retired to a monastery of Poor Clares she had founded at Coimbra. St. Elizabeth is now the patron saint of brides, charitable societies, charitable workers, charities, Coimbra, Portugal, difficult marriages, falsely accused people, queens, tertiaries, victims of adultery, victims of jealousy, victims of unfaithfulness and widows. She is also invoked in time of war as the patron saint of peace.

Shipping Information

Weight 2.75
Dimensions 7.9 x 6.4 x 1.25 in

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