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Saint Francis Borgia, S.J. Plaque

Solid Bronze Plaque
7.9 x 6.3 inches
Hangs Easily on the Wall
Made in Germany

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Product Description

This is the stunning Saint Francis Borgia, S.J. Plaque. St. Francis Borgia, S.J. (1510-1572) was perhaps the greatest “Father General” (Pater Generalis) of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) after St. Ignatius himself. He was born into the Spanish nobility as Duke of Gandia and a Grandee of Spain (depicted by the crown on the plaque). The letters IHS in the top left corner of this plaque are the first three letters of the name “Jesus” in Greek: ΙΗΣ (“Jesus” in Greek: ΙΗΣΟΥΣ).  Adopted by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1541 in his seal as the first Father General of the Society of Jesus, this monogram became the emblem of the Society of Jesus. This plaque is a great gift for a birthday, baptism, birthday, confirmation, first communion, ordination, Christmas, and his feast day on September 30th.

A Large Solid Bronze Plaque

This large solid bronze plaque measures 7.9 by 6.3 inches. It is designed to hang easily on any wall in your office, home, or study. This bronze plaque was designed and executed in a German foundry by a world-renowned bronzesmith. This plaque will be a most wonderful gift for that special “Francis Borgia” or special Jesuit in your life!

The Second Greatest Father General of the Jesuits?

Saint Francis Borgia, S.J. became the third Father General of the Jesuits in 1565. His many successes during the period of his generalship (1565-1572) have lead historians to describe Francis Borgia as the greatest General after Saint Ignatius of Loyola. (But many today would argue that the title of “second greatest General” rightfully goes to Pedro Arrupe, S.J. – 1907-1991). St. Francis Borgia founded the Collegium Romanum (which was to become the Gregorian University), advised kings and popes, and supervised closely all the local, national, and international affairs of the rapidly expanding order of the Society of Jesus. Yet, despite the immense power of his office as “Father General,” Saint Francis Borgia led a humble life and was widely regarded already in his own lifetime as a saint.

Shipping Information

Weight 2.5
Dimensions 7.9 x 6.3 x 1 in
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